White Moth Black Butterfly (WMBB) is the ‘experimental’ creation of UK singer / songwriter Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT, Skyharbor, In Colour) and Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor). With influences stemming from the likes of Massive Attack, Enigma, and Sigur Ros this cross continent studio based project emanates huge cinematic soundscapes, juxtaposed with classical, acoustic and electronically infused songs, nested with powerful vocal performances.


WMBB’s debut album ‘One Thousand Wings’ released in November 2013 (recorded, mixed and produced by both Tompkins and Dhar) has seen critical acclaim being hailed as “An absolutely essential work’ by Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine and “Wildly experimental and curiously accessible” by Metal Hammer. Now in April 2014, WMBB focus on a new record and release their brand new single / video for ‘Rising Sun’.





“An exceptional album from Dan Tompkins. An absolutely essential work. Experimental, accessible and quite brilliant. This ranks high amongst this year’s progressive releases.” – Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine.


“Wildly experimental and curiously accessible” 8/10 – Metal Hammer


“The incredible sincere delicacy of Tompkins’s vocals is a perfect compliment for the programmed beats, plaintive strings and pulsing electronics throughout this album.” – Windswept Edge


“Above all, the impression that “One Thousand Wings” gives is one of talented musicianship and a desire for sonic exploration, resulting in quite a hypnotic and memorable experience.” – This is Not A Scene


“Sublime and emotive; ‘One Thousand Wings’ is fantastic.” – A Metal State of Mind


Unlike the technical one-upmanship and solid low-end groove that shroud Tompkins’ metal outings, White Moth Black Butterfly strips down the man’s songwriting to its most visceral form yet. The leftfield ambient project also features some of the most eminent musicians to have grazed his vocal prowess, and for all their grandiose instrumentation and spectral soundscaping on record, their aural synapse in the live domain is definitely something to look forward to – Vh1