It’s been a while since my last update but finally here we go! So much has happened and continues to develop in 2015! Tonnes of exciting news…Firstly, if you didn’t already know, after a 3 year absence from the band, in July 2014 I returned to TESSERACT and signed a brand new record deal together with KSCOPE. My first show back with the guys was opening the main stage at Sonisphere Festival and I’m fired up to be back and working with my good buddies.



So now I’m currently writing and recording with the band for the 3rd studio album and we’re incredibly excited about the new TesseracT sound as we sonically explore new territory both musically and lyrically. We look to release new material later in 2015 however, we are also preparing to drop our first live DVD / CD (Scala / Odyssey) recorded during last October’s tour around Europe.





After an incredibly successful Pledge Campaign, in November 2014 SKYHARBOR finally released ‘GUIDING LIGHTS‘ the long awaited follow up to ‘BLINDING WHITE NOISE‘. As a direct result of the campaign we were able to produce two incredible music videos for ‘EVOLUTION’ and ‘PATIENCE’ our two lead tracks, the latter of which, was created by none other than the incredible ‘JESS COPE‘ of ‘OWL HOUSE STUDIOS’. On top of that we were also lucky enough have our album mixed and mastered by the very talented Australian Producer / Mixer ‘FORRESTER SAVELL‘ Needless to say ‘Guiding Lights’ has taken me on a very special journey of artistic expression and spiritual satisfaction.






Everybody asks me ‘What is happening with In Colour?’ I understand people’s frustration, so let me give you a little update. After releasing ‘LISTEN FOR THE RAIN’ in 2012 and then dropping ‘THE MESS WE’RE IN’ a year later ever since we’ve been procrastinating for a long time over the music and the future of the project, that and a few stumbles along the way have meant a delay in releasing any material BUT we’re working in the background to bring you a release soon! All I can say is watch this space.








After releasing our debut album ‘ONE THOUSAND WINGS‘ 2014 saw WHITE MOTH BLACK BUTTERFLY nominated for a PROG AWARD in the ‘Limelight’ Category. We never expected that in a million years so we were naturally blown away to have been honoured with that privilege. After I’ve finished writing for the new TESSERACT album Jordan, Keshav and myself will be sitting down and writing the new WMBB album. In fact we’ve already got over an albums worth of material but as always we need to spend some time perfecting the sound and raising the bar considerably after OTW.





I want to wish a massive thank you to all my friends and supporters for your continued love and encouragement. It’s been 10 years since I committed to being a ‘lifer’ to music and after my beautiful wife Emma gave birth to our little boy Jack Ocean my life could not be better. So from me, Emma and Jack and on behalf of all the amazing projects I’m involved with, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to live such creative and liberating lives.


Peace, love and light,


Dan x