White Moth Black Butterfly release second video single ‘The World Won’t Sleep’ featuring the wonderful Hayley Martin of Shadowboxer. The single can be downloaded here! Video directed and produced by Roy Warner.



White Moth Black Butterfly (WMBB) is the ‘experimental’ creation of UK singer / songwriter Daniel Tompkins (In Colour, Skyharbor, Ex-TesseracT) With influences stemming from the likes of Massive Attack, Enigma, and Sigur Ros, this new musical endeavor of Dan’s is to be taken live following the release of the debut album ‘One Thousand Wings’ in November. The live line-up will consist of Keshav Dhar (Guitars, electronics) Chris Haywood (Bass/Contrabass) Ben Ansaldo (Drums) and Dan (Vocals). The project offers endless unique line-ups in the live arena, and will hopefully be a USP for the band when it comes to touring in various territories, allowing for different musicians to contribute something exceptional to the live performance.


Within ‘One Thousand Wings’, Dan’s songwriting abilities, accompanied with contributions from Acle Kahney (TesseracT), Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor), and Ben Ansaldo emanate huge cinematic soundscapes, juxtaposed with classically and electronically vibed songs, nested with powerful vocals that are quite comparative to that of his other projects.


The album has guest appearances from Hayley Martin of ‘Shadowboxer’, singer/songwriter Jordan Bethany and Kevin Albis.




Unlike the technical one-upmanship and solid low-end groove that shroud Tompkins’ metal outings, White Moth Black Butterfly strips down the man’s songwriting to its most visceral form yet. The leftfield ambient project also features some of the most eminent musicians to have grazed his vocal prowess, and for all their grandiose instrumentation and spectral soundscaping on record, their aural synapse in the live domain is definitely something to look forward to – Vh1