Ruins” is Tompkins re-interpretation of the title track of his debut album “Castles” accompanied with a brand new and mesmerisingly beautiful music video directed by ‘Found Format Films’

Daniel explains the song and video’s meaning “’Ruins’ is a rollercoaster of a song and a true reflection of all that we’re about, musically. It touches on the original concept surrounding fractured relationships, tragic mistakes, compulsion and addiction – the things that can cause irreparable harm to people’s lives and ‘Ruins’ represents the aftermath”

“The song was co-produced between both Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner) and myself. Having released Castles in 2019 (Produced by Eddie Head) I had the urge to recreate and inject a new life into it as a prog rock / metal record with the help of Paul who rewrote the music from scratch. Vocally, I really feel that this track is a very honest reflection of where my head is currently at and perhaps a nod to things to come both vocally and musically!”

The music video produced by Kyle Kadow and Steven Cleavland of ‘Found Format Films’ see’s Paul and Daniel performing together for the first time on greenscreen with fantastic VFX. The style and theme of the video, inspired by the original song ‘Castles’, centres around the theme of corruption, compulsion and revenge, as the characters are slowly intoxicated by their own greed, ultimately leading to their own destruction and their lives left in Ruins.”

The forthcoming album Ruins, set to be released on 11th December on Kscope, sees Tompkins rework Castles alongside producer Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner) showcasing re-written music with more aggression and a truer, darker tone. Castles was originally created by co-producer and friend Eddie Head (Haji’s Kitchen) and whilst the lyrical and conceptual side still represents the same ideas, the new version Ruins is significantly different to Castles with the addition of  Tompkins’ signature aggressive versus clean vocal style. It was felt that renaming the album and each song was appropriate and aside from the lyrics, it is essentially a completely new album.

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