Have you ever wanted to learn to sing?
Are you interesting in finding your own voice?
Are you looking for a vocal coach?

The DTVC team is pleased to announce that after months and years of hard work, the educational vocal coaching website ‘Daniel Tompkins Vocal Coaching’ is now OPEN to the public. Simply watch the video or head directly HERE to signup and become a member of the site! Current courses include the following complete with HD videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Webinars, Live Vocal Run Throughs, Members Forum and Community, Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage and more.

The Singers Lifestyle • The Mechanics of the Voice • The Mechanics of Breathing • Vocal Routines • Pitch and Meditative Drones • Breathing Exercises

“This is a website for every ability of singer. It’s for life will continue to grow with newly added content. I’m personally over the moon with how this has taken shape. I only wish I had something like this when I started out. I remember having nobody to relate or turn to and I learnt the hard way. The ‘DTVC’ website contains the techniques and secrets that have shaped me into the singer that I am today. We never stop learning and I hope this will be very useful tool for singers all around the world to get a fresh perspective on contemporary singing” –  Daniel Tompkins